July 3, 2013

I've Gotta Rant!!

It never fails. My kids ONLY get sick on holidays or weekends when it's impossible to see the doctor. Livie has a fever and rash. I tried calling the pediatrician around 5:30pm, but of course, I get the answering service. They end up transferring me to Children's.

I left a message, and they actually called me back within 30 minutes! That was surprising. Basically, I was told that what she has isn't an emergency, but that she should be seen within the next 24 hours. Well, tomorrow is a holiday. The pediatrician AND the walk-in clinics are closed tomorrow, so I decided to take her in tonight after we ate supper. They close at 8, and the pharmacies close at 9, so I wanted to get going.

I get to the clinic by my house. I tell them she has Medicaid and what her doctors name is expecting them to give me the speech about him. Ya see, he doesn't, as a rule, give any of his patients prior authorizations to go to the clinics here in town. So basically, if you can't see him, ya gotta go to the emergency room. Yeah, right.

I was expecting to have to pay for it. Whatever. I didn't care. Turns out that they don't even accept Medicaid. Not only do they not accept it, but they don't even treat patients that have it! Even if I wanted to pay cash and not use Medicaid at all, they still won't see her! SO STUPID!!!!

The receptionist told me a different clinic takes medicaid, but that one's horrible and is almost as bad as going to the emergency room. Even if I got over there before they closed, the chances of being done before the pharmacy closed was a million to one, so any meds that were prescribed to her wouldn't be taken for another day!

I give up.

She's eating, drinking, acting ok except for extra whiney, and her fever isn't super high. She'll be fine till Friday.

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