July 6, 2013

What the Rash?

Livie has had a full body rash since Wednesday night. She's had a fever every OTHER day since Monday. After the fiasco with clinics and Medicaid on Wednesday, I figured she'd be ok till today to see a doctor.

Yesterday she acted as if nothing was wrong. You'd never have known she was or had been sick if it wasn't for her head-to-toe rash. 

But this morning, she woke up grumpy. She stayed grumpy. She tried playing. She wanted to play, but toys would annoy her to the point of throwing a fit if she couldn't get them to do what she wanted. She had a fever again also, so I decided to call the doc. 

We got to the doctor's office a little before the appointment. She was sleeping on me at the time, but we were in the waiting room for a while.

Eventually she woke up and just got sadder and sadder. She was just crying, and I couldn't get her to stop. 

We finally got to see the RN. She's awesome. We went over everything. She even sent pics to the doc, who was off today, to get his opinion. 

They both realized they didn't know what it was, but it looked viral. The only thing I could do was give her Tylenol. All I have to do now is keep an eye on her and hope she gets better instead of worse. 

Emma, taking a turn with Livie snuggles

She was grumpy most of the night. But she fell asleep very quickly at bedtime. Lets hope she sleeps through the night and feels much better in the morning.

Livie felt and acted normal Saturday. We stayed home from church on Sunday and from therapy on Monday because she still had the rash. But it finally faded with no more fever!

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