July 5, 2013


Another 4th of July holiday celebration is under our belts.

We started with our 2nd annual 3rd of July celebration. That consists of a "new" video game for the Wii, junk food, and staying up late. We started this on the 3rd because none of us have any place to go on the 4th, so we can sleep in.

We got a used Ghost Recon, popcorn, candy, donuts, Yoohoo's, and A&W Rootbeer. Livie ended up going to bed around 10 because she was just too tired to stay up any longer. But the rest of us stayed up till after midnight. I don't know how many donuts Emma ate, but while she was drinking her Yoohoo, she started complaining that her stomach hurt. I looked over at her, and she kept drinking! Silly. I told her that's why her tummy hurt. So she stopped for a while. But about 30 minutes later, she got another Yoohoo! She's such a goober.

We thought the kids would like Ghost Recon 'cause they've played other "war" games at the neighbor kids' house, but they got bored with it after about an hour. I think it's because it took a little getting used to the controls.

On the 4th we went all the way across the street to my brother and sis-in-law's house to eat burgers and hang out with the rest of the family...and Brady. Paul grilled on his new grill. Livie entertained everybody by dancing to music. And Momma brought homemade ice cream and homemade magic shell. We had watermelon, cantaloupe, way more chips than we could ever try to eat.

Paul's got an old 80's juke box with 45's in it that we queued up for a while. Then we started playing with his turn table. He has all sorts of 45's that won't fit in the juke box, and I brought a few from home.

Benjamin and Emma got to watch Gage and Brad mess with fireworks for a little while. Then Paul turned on Newsies! It's sad that I know almost all the words. We did get to see some fireworks just down the street. I think one of the ones that are supposed to look pretty in the air went off right in their backyard. About 30 seconds later, I heard, "Sorry!" Anyway, we were over there till past 9 then dragged the kids home to get them all in bed.

That's right, folks. My husband is Cap'n 'Merica!

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